Bean Soup

Bean soup…..the soup of the gods. Created from natures bounty grown right in your own backyard, bean soup is full of “vitaminic” goodies and is very CHEAP.
Soup stock, the base of any good soup is perhaps the most important factor in creating a good soup.You can buy soup stock in most stores but from my experience mostly what you are buying (for a grossly inflated price) is sodium. Last time I checked, sodium was not a vegetable.
Stock can be made from vegetables……any vegetables, or meat, fish, poultry or a combination of all the above if you are more adventurous. Ever notice how when there are a few left-overs from the previous nights meal we can’t throw them out until they have actually gone bad. We won’t throw them out right away…instead we wait a few days untill they surely have gone bad and then we can toss them out quite smuggly now that ,if indeed we did eat them, we would be certain to get sick……….Not so any more! Just fire those babies into the freezer until you have amassed enough goodies to make stock out of. Save the peels from veggies as well especially if they are organic…a little wash and off they go into the stock. They often have a large part of the vegetables vitamin content stored within so will be a welcome addition to any stock.
crock-pot My tool of choice here is the Crock Pot. It has been around for years and for me has never lost its appeal. It is so easy. Just put it on in the morning with all the stuff you want in your broth and let it simmer all day. When you get home from work tired at the end of the day “Fifi the crock pot” will have things all ready for you.
Bean soup can be started from meat or poultry stock as well. I have never tried to do it with fish (sounds a little kinky) but it could be worth a go if you are particularily fond of seafood.
Using poultry or meat involves pretty much the same process used in making vegetable broth. If you are wanting a darker or richer looking broth you can throw all your ingredients into the oven at 450 degrees for about 40 minutes and then put it into your broth mixture.
Now the bean part. You can….and should……use all sorts of beans. I often buy the bean medly offered in most supermarkets-its convenient.
It is suggested in most “good” cook books that one should soak the beans overnight, toss the water,add more and bring to a boil,simmer for a long time, toss the water when the beans are soft then start your soup.
Why is it that we are all so afraid of farting? Farting is a natural bodily function. I figure it actually has medicinal value to it as it usually makes somebody laugh….and laughter is supposed to be the best medicine. I say lets fart and enjoy the whole business and it will surely make the bean soup recipe a whole lot easier to make.
Rinse off the beans,add water and turn up the heat. Again I have found the good old “crock pot” to be indispensable for soups.  As in making the broth, turn it on in the morning, go to work and when you get home…the beans are cooked.
Now what ever it is that you like in the way of vegetables, pasta, spices or herbs can be thrown in the mix with the broth and cooked beans and you can not go wrong. I like to add basil and garlic with basmatti rice for a thicker soup and what ever vegetables I have on hand.
Served with a piece of good bread this soup will fill even a growing teenagers gnawing stomach……and with good stuff….cheaply.

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