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Farm and Garden

Compost Piles


It is certainly not a new process. Composting been going on since time began in one form or another under the careful tutelage of good old Mother Nature. We have however, taken things to a new level with the need to break things down a little faster than the millennia …


Fall at the Farm

We have reached the end of our first growing season at ‘ Rocky Road Farm’, and have really learned a lot about …

Free-range chickens

Backyard Chickens

For reasons of our own: self sufficiency, controlling our food quality by raising animals in a humane way, we have decided to …

First week of July 2011 023

Soil pH for Vegetables

The quality of your soil for growing vegetables, or anything for that matter, is very important. Water alone will not necessarily bring …

July 09 003

Plant a Vegetable Garden

The price of potatoes has gone crazy….so that inspired us enough this year to plant some in the garden, as well as …

Sharp knife

Dividing Your Perennials

In  the fall or early spring is a good time to make changes to your flower gardens. You may want to dig …