Recycled Bird House

There really should be no need to include an actual plan of a bird house. The thing to keep in mind is that all things that animals live in, to look at, are old and used looking. Why then should there be any need to include anything in the building of a bird house that isn’t used or recycled? It looks far more lived in if its already been used.

Completed bird-house
Completed bird-house
No F 'n Breakfast!

The design itself should be left to your imagination….square, round, rectangular….what the heck-the bird’s not going to be too worried about it unless of course it’s not as BIG as the Mcfly’s next door. As long as its esthetically pleasing to your eye then success is yours. Just in case your imagination will carry you only so far we have included a picture of one that we created. It was made out of scrounged material that we found lying around on  the beach. The cedar rails we split using a swiss army knife. Using a drill with a screwdriver bit attached we found attaching the various elements of the birdhouse together much easier than having to whack it with a hammer and nails. The sign on the front was an interesting faux pas. The idea was to call it-“Bird and Breakfast”. Much to our dismay, having erected the whole business and while standing back to take a picture of our project it was pointed out to us that the sign was missing the “f” in the word breakfast. Alas we had by mistake created a whole new mode of accommodation……B&B with no f in breakfast….(bring your own cheerios)

Work in Progress
Work in Progress

Having the large stock on the bottom allowed us to attach the walls one by one as we went without having to worry about keeping things steady and square. The roof was simple as one side was butted into the other without need for any special cuts. The resultant angle was 90 degrees and the gable ends were cut to suit. The chimney was fashioned from a piece of cedar that we split with a knife and cut off to the angle of the roof. A couple of whittled cedar strips made fast work of some trellis on the side of the building and we were ready for the arrival of Mr. and Mrs bird.

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