Rossignol Rock Mover

Rossignol Rock MoverEver noticed the abundance of used skis frequenting our second hand / thrift stores? They were all, at one time or another “leading edge” sport equipment worth hundreds of dollars. Now skis have such huge changes in their make-up they have left their fore bearers with no viable use and on a collision course with the landfill.
They still have “leading edge” qualities as rock movers.

Fastened to the underside of a piece of 3/4″ plywood, a pair of skiis will transform the plywood platform to a convenient low surface that large objects (rocks) can be rolled onto. A bridle using a short length of strong rope fastened midships on the plywood provides an easy purchase point from which to tow your bounty. Either manually, maybe with the help of a friend or two, or using a motored vehicle-truck/ tractor, you can tow it with little impact on the surface it travels on: ie your precious lawn.
To aim it where it may not be feasible to drive , a pulley on a well anchored object (large tree) with your rope going through attached at one end to your towing vehicle and the other end to the skid will prove invaluable in changing direction of the tow.rock mover-bottom side
Getting the rock on or off the platform will be made easier if you have a pee-vee. Normally used to move logs in a logging application it is essentially just a 5 foot handle with a metal point and hinged hook on one end. When employed to move a rock you can relocate huge rocks that weigh several hundred pounds with  little effort.

There are often ‘random’ jobs that come up, that require ‘special’ equipment such as the Rossignol rock mover.  We have a 14 foot aluminum boat who’s trailer had rusted and ceased, and we wanted to move the boat to another area on the property. We centered it on the platform, hitched it to the truck and….voila, moved without a scratch!

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